I am so deeply honored, humbled, and grateful to share this mastermind of the heart with you. 

The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind is a book, and also a space where the energy of pure love is transmitted, embodied, and received. 

It contains 8 Commands of Awakened Love -- which represents a radical reconditioning of the cells, body, heart, and mind to the highest vibrations of love, joy, gratitude, self-forgiveness, and service to the planet.

This work is not for the faint of heart. 

~It is for the courageous souls (there are so many of us out there!) who perhaps may have already lived through many versions of emotional hell and still have an open heart, and a desire to open it even more.

~It is for the spiritual and emotional warriors who are willing to look into emotional storms with a fierce commitment to love everything that comes up.

~It is for the lovers of the planet, for the visionaries, and for the sincere hearts who truly want to see love become more visible, real, and manifest in the world.

Inside the chest of every human being is a giant of love supreme -- and these commands are offered at the feet of this magnificence for the purpose of facilitating and nurturing that awakening. 

The practice is simple. Every day, we.....

~Repeat, anchor, feel, and vibrate each of the 8 Commands of Awakened Love within our chests, minds, and bodies 12 times every day. Each time we do this, we tap into the energy field of pure love and connect with everyone else doing the same thing. These commands connect hearts for the highest good.

~Breathe open our heart-fields and flood the energy of pure universal love through our hearts and hands -- all for our own awakening and the benefit of all life. At least 12 minutes of pure-love breathing every day. Ample instructions included, and no experience necessary.

~Look into our own eyes in the mirror and love ourselves unconditionally.

~Write a little bit each day about what we are grateful for.

~Anchor into the highest love that we are, and seek to live that love every day.

~Live from a deep state of openness and vulnerability.

~Commit to loving and accepting ourselves exactly where we are and as we are, allowing the energy of love to unfold our bodies into pure bliss.

~Seek to feel everything that arises, bypassing nothing. The highest love that we are feels everything, loves everything, and embraces everything.

All copies of this book in print, and that will ever be in print, are sacredly commingled and entangled in the energy of love. The highest charge of love is deliberately and intentionally held in the commands themselves, and into each copy of the book, so that anyone who interacts with the book and repeats the commands, receives this flow of life-force energy for their highest and immediate benefit.

Throughout the pages of this book, as you repeat the commands and work them deep into the soil of your heart and mind, you will be connecting with everyone else doing the same thing -- in any moment in time -- and in any place on earth. Love is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. Love is everywhere present all the time.

You are also invited to hold this book between your hands and infuse your highest love into and through its pages. Rest assured, that this love will reach anyone and everyone who works with this material in any moment in time.

Tapping these commands into your chest and body takes emotional courage. Stuff will come to the surface to be healed and released. This material will need to be felt and faced. Subconscious blowback may arise. There will be times that this practice will definitely not be easy, and changes won't happen overnight. 

However, if we stick with it -- and keep coming back to the love we are -- deep in our chests -- day in and day out -- then our whole lives will transform. 

~Nothing will ever be the same again.

~The goal is to manifest the highest love that we are in every layer and level of our bodies, minds, and relationships. 

~Literally every area of our lives will reflect our highest, deepest, and most sincere love. Having this goal embedded in our cellular environments will cause contrary thoughts, memories, and programs to alchemize, transmute, or release. This is good! 

~Our relationships will blossom into the highest fulfillment of ecstasy, freedom, connection, and passion. People will flee from our lives and more people will flood into our lives. We will attract deeply loving people into our orbit.

~Our bodies, health, and energy levels will improve.

~Our minds will clear. 

~Our finances, careers, and work will reflect our highest love. 

~Our creativity will deepen and expand.

~We will build an inner subconscious fortress of positive loving thought and energy, creating an inner immunity from toxic energies.

~Most amazingly, the deepest, most transcendent, ever-new ecstasy of pure joy will rise like geysers and wash through our minds and bodies. 

~Abilities, talents, insights, and genius will awaken in us that we never knew existed. 

~We will awaken to the enormous power of our love without aggrandizing our narcissism or our egos in the process. Love is the sole healer and the sole doer, and we are the sacred witness!

~Sweet humility will be the river-beds of our highest joy flooding into the world. 

~We will be beacons and transmitting stations of pure unconditional love for the whole planet. We will tangibly see and witness a whole new world emerging and unfolding before our eyes. We will see and witness how our love directly impacts all life on this planet for the better.

~Our powers of love will awaken, unfold, grow, and expand beyond anything we could have previously imagined!

When we first start to radically recondition our subconscious minds and bodies, it can bring up emotional pain. This is simply left-over material in our minds and bodies that is crying out for our love.

However, we give ourselves permission to feel this short term pain as a path to coming out of deeply embedded, long-term suffering. We are warriors of love, compassion, and kindness -- beginning with ourselves.

So when the going gets tough, and the emotional slogging gets heavy, we simply keep going. We open the book and tap the commands into our chests and bodies one more time, then again, and again, and again. 

We never give up on getting up.

The beautiful news is that underneath all our old conditioning -- deeper than our deepest subconscious minds -- is pure liquid joy. This work excavates our greatest joy, brings it up, and allows space for its expression and fulfillment.

A little background...

This book came out of several years of intense emotional work. As I processed so much emotional material, and dug deeper and deeper, the concept of heart-commands was born. I first wrote the Love Manifest Now affirmations and recorded them into an audio series. As I continued to tap these affirmations into my body -- all sorts of stuff came up. Then later, my abundance book came through me.

With time and many emotional breakdowns and breakthroughs, I kept at it. I realized that the love I am is stronger than all the painful experiences of my childhood. I realized that nothing that happened to me ever touched my light or my joy.

With this realization, I vowed to go deeper... and from this commitment... the 8 Commands of Awakened Love came into being.  

When two or more people repeat, feel, and vibrate the same potent thoughts in their hearts, minds, and bodies -- an energetic mastermind is born. Then the thoughts and commands resonate with even more juice, more joy, and more power for each individual.

A larger energy field of love is created when hearts connect.

It is my hope and prayer that these commands will help lift the vibration of love on this planet, and make this world a better place for our children, and their children, and theirs as well, onward into the future as far as our imaginations can reach and beyond.

If you choose to join this mastermind of the heart, all you need to do is get the book and begin tapping the commands into your chest. My most important suggestion is to KEEP. AT. IT. NO. MATTER. WHAT. This isn't fast food. With time, patience, and continued practice -- nothing will ever be the same again. I suggest doing this work for a solid year to see the most incredible results.

Better yet, join together with a friend or partner to do this work. These commands transform relationships!

The most beautiful aspect of this work is that it feels so good to be in the heart. Even with uncomfortable feelings and pain that may arise as a result of this reconditioning, the joy that we can get to is beyond all description. 

In the end, and in the beginning, and in all points of our journey, the ultimate truth is that we are joy.


copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

Buy one book -- $19.99 plus shipping

Buy two books -- $33.00 plus shipping

60 day promise -- If you choose to get this book, then I highly recommend you bring your highest intention to work this material deeply, with all your strength and courage, and over the long haul. Do so for up to 6 months, and if you choose, you can send the book(s) back for a full refund, less the price of shipping.

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